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Welcome. Delicious friends.

One city. A thousand choices.

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Name:Welcome. Delicious friends.
Website:Move to Fallen London
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A dressing room roleplaying community for all OCs & AUs set in Fallen London
A dark, greenish silhouette of the buildings Fallen London beneath a black roof of stalactites
 Welcome, delicious friends, to a place where your actions affect everything from the fate of the British Empire to the price of your soul.

Let's keep things civil, shall we?

1. All characters must have a background situated in some way in Fallen London. Canon characters are only welcome if they are a Fallen London AU (alternate universe) version of their canon selves. (Those with the ability to cross space and time may have a bit of wiggle room provided that they adhere to the mores of the time.) Original characters must have a history specific to Fallen London.

2. As a dressing room, multiple versions of canon characters are allowed (and may even interact, should the players so agree), but do not commandeer the use of any original characters without their creator's explicit permission.

3. There will be no character accounts specific to the NPCs of Fallen London, including and most specifically the Masters. They may, however, be used as plot devices within posts.

4. ANY SPOILERS OF FALLEN LONDON CONTENT MUST BE MARKED. Put a notice at the top of your post (for example, "Spoiler content for anyone who has not completed the Eater-of-Chains storylet", or "Spoiler content for anyone below Watchful 60") and place the content of the post beneath a cut. Violators of this rule may be flogged with rose thorns and banned.

5. Posts may be written in prose or action/script format.

6. Group event posts will not be held by moderators, but you are welcome to make use of Fallen London events both in and out of season, from Mr. Sacks' visits to the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.

7. Do not assume control of or the actions of any other character within the game. Neither are you an invulnerable being impervious to wounds — even the most Important Persons might find themselves on a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river. The Masters pay unpleasant visits to those who aspire to their likeness.

8. Any scandalous acts not fit for the eyes of polite society must be self-proscribed behind a cut or within a personal journal.

9. ALL POSTS MUST BE SITUATED WITHIN FALLEN LONDON. For ease of categorization you are welcome to tag your posts with the location in question.

10. Easy on the beige.


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